My name is Gabriel.
I would like you to smile.
I would like you to think.
I would like you to question.
I would like you to wake up.



Gabe, I think you’re very handsome. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder not in genetics. That anon can go fuck themselves.

Thank you my friend. I don’t take anon hate seriously.


there’s more to women than being “classy” or “trashy”


A visual guide to non-monogamous relationships

Thank you?
Solid song. Had never heard it before. Thanks for the cool music suggestion.

"i'm a girl."

by Anonymous

Cool. Hello girl anon.

oh ok gotcha. 

Nah I like the beard, does need a trim though. Too much gravity involved with jumping. i do go out. None of those things will make me no ugly. Genetics dude, can’t be fixed.

Oh. Yeah I know I’m an asshole. I tell myself that every time I wake up in the morning and every time I look in the mirror. I’ve hated myself for years. I suck. But I try not to. Is there anything you can do to teach how to be better?

Which stereotype do I fit well?

Well I can’t remember the first time I had sugar. Probably a very young age.

Hm. Well, I think it all have to be rather cartoonish. Otherwise, in drawing form, the size of said penis would be relatively large next to the earth even while the earth is spinning. If its drawn to scale however than the penis would in fact be quite small, as all penises are in comparison to the planet. it would have to a penis abstracted into space and have its own gravitational force in order to not be pulled by earth’s which would then mean that it was in fact large enough to have its own gravity in relation to earth. And while said penis might be flaccid and failing at its actions against the world’s rotations, I doubt it would be small. But even with all that making it logical, I find it too cliche.

(for the tattoo)

If you had to suggest a Tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?